Here you can order our delicious crumbly home made fudge, cider cake or cider straight to your home.



We have four mouth watering fudge flavours to choose from, in boxes of four or six bags, subject to availability. Can't choose? We know the feeling! Pick a fudge selection pack of four or six bags of your choice - any combination of available flavours. Perfect for gifts or any occasion.  

Cider and cider cake

We also supply cider cake in two sizes and cider in bag in boxes of three quantities. Unfortunately, we cannot post our cider or cider cake. However, if you are local to us or passing by and would like to buy some, do get in touch at the contact details below. We also sell through a variety of local shops surrounding Beaminster and Crewkerne, and at a number of country fairs and local events (see our "Upcoming events" page above for more details). You must, of course, be over 18 to order cider and we reserve the right to request ID at the point of sale or collection/delivery.

Medium sized cider cake

Cider cake


Cider cake tray bake

Cider cake tray bake


Cider - 3 litres


Cider - 10 litres



Cider - 20 litres



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