Each of our three products are made and packed by us as a family in our own kitchen and cidershed. We use the apples and eggs from our own orchard (when the hens oblige, and free range eggs if we have to source from elsewhere) and we have all the required hygiene certification and licensing from the local authorities. Some of our products do contain allergens and they are prepared in an environment that may contain nuts. A full list of ingredients for each product can be found in our SHOP pages.


In four delicious flavours, each with a traditionally crumbly texture; Vanilla, Chocolate, Rum & Raisin and Salted Vanilla. We often experiment with new flavours, and like to bring out something different for Christmas! Usually packed in a 120g bag. Quantities and presentation for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays can be put together to suit individual needs.

Vanilla Fudge
Rum & Raisin
Salted Vanilla
Cider Cake

Our Cider/Apple Cake is baked in two sizes as standard and is luxuriously moist, the sultanas having been steeped in our own cider. Available as a traybake approx 30cm x 20cm, suitable for larger gatherings; and as a small cake approx 500g,  17cm x 10cm (approx 6 slices).


Our cider is traditionally made using nothing but pure apple juice fermented in oak barrels and it is crisp and dry with a strong scent of apples and a strength of approximately 6.5%. Each barrel is wonderfully different. We can supply cider in quantities from 3 litres to 20 litres (approx) and we can, therefore, provide for any occasion.

Purchasing our Products

Our products are sold by us at a growing number of country fairs and local events. They are also currently retailed from a variety of local shops surrounding Beaminster and Crewkerne. We also sell through this website (head to the SHOP tab at the top of the page). Unfortunately, we cannot post our cider or cider cake. However, if you are local to us or passing by and would like to buy some, do get in touch at the contact details below. You must, of course, be aged 18 or above to order cider and we reserve the right to request ID at the point of sale or collection/delivery.